Finding a Rental Home

So maybe you’re not ready to buy a house. We totally get it. That’s why we’ve put together resources for those who are looking to rent a place in Worcester.

Explore the Neighborhoods

Each neighborhood has a soul. It’s expressed in the types of architecture and businesses you find there, the culture of the people and the stories they pass down, even in the kind of amenities that make for desirable quality of life. All of these things differ from one neighborhood to the next. Whatever you do, just make sure you go and experience the neighborhoods for yourself the only way to get a feel for a place is with your feet on the ground.

Where to Look for Rental Listings?

If you’re looking for rentals in Worcester, many local newspapers have rental listings in their classified sections. Craigslist is often a go-to for landlords to list their rentals. And we also have Apartment Property Partners in great neighborhoods all over the city. But in Worcester, just hitting the streets on foot and spotting “For Rent” signs in windows can be difficult to happen upon your next home sweet home!
It’s a little known fact that many Real Estate Agents also show rental properties. So consider working with one of our trusted members of the REALTOR® Association of Central Massachusetts. The important thing is to find someone you feel comfortable working with. You can see which rentals are listed with agents at by selecting the "Rent" options in your search.

Getting Your Keys and Moving In

Most people don’t consider negotiating a lease but the fact is that leases are just like any other contract that can be amended to suit the needs of either the landlord or tenant. Before signing a lease it’s important to know exactly what stipulations the lease entails and under what circumstances can your lease be broken. For more information about tenant and landlord rights and assistance with understanding your lease contact Central Mass Housing Alliance / Mass Landlords? . CMHA is a nonprofit with a free landlord-tenant hotline to answer any of your questions. The organization also offers free introductory packets to tenants and landlords about topics such as security deposits, evictions, rent court, maintenance, and proper notice. In addition, many of the attorneys listed on this site specialize both property closings as well as landlord/tenant law. A list of those attorneys can be found here- Once you have a date set to move in, start packing! Our list of Home Services partners includes moving companies that can help get you to your new place. 

Renters Need Insurance, too

Renters Insurance will cover the loss of personal items due to fire or other unfortunate accidents, and it’s very affordable. If your property is damaged while renting, it will not be covered under the policy of the building owner; only you can insure your personal belongings. Our list of Home Services partners also includes insurance agency contacts.